About Ferny films

My name is Andy Carslaw and I’m a web-developer/film maker from Oxford, UK. I am currently trying to get my latest project “A Letter to Flanders” off the ground in some form. I don’t claim to be the second coming of Spielberg, Kubrick – but I’ll share any of my experiences of film-making (good, bad or mad) here as I go along.

I’m reasonably new to the film-making arena and have only made the one short film called “Gardening and other crimes”, which was a charity film for the local hospital. More information about that can be found here: http://www.fernyfilms.co.uk/about.htm.

Whilst I don’t claim this production to be any classic, it was personally a huge step – especially as I had no formal film-making skills prior to the making of this. The production allowed me to learn many lessons (and pitfalls) as well as identify where my strengths lie. I’m hoping that the original film-making experience should mean that I am able to push the quality significantly for my second project.It also proved to me that I really enjoy the process of film-making and want to pursue this and push myself further.

Click here to visit the Ferny films website


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