Daily Archives: August 11, 2015

Crossing the Threshold

Recently I met The Choice production team to discuss our assembly edit. Most film-makers will tell you this is usually a bit depressing. Once the niceties were dispensed with, I started to get information back from the crew about what worked and what didn’t. I set about correcting things enthusiastically. Feeling good, I went to the Guerilla Filmmaker’s Masterclass and got chatting to some of the editors. More feedback:”The opening doesn’t work”, “The ending doesn’t work”, “Needs even faster pacing”. Most of it was candid and invaluable advice, with only a few subjective comments.

I went back to the edit suite for a seismic shake-up.


I started to play around with the structure.  Out went most of my favourite shots including the beloved single take (pacing). The context of the story was changing. I even removed an entire scene. All in all – a pretty brutal experience! Strangely it now feels streamlined and I’m happier. I’ve also just reached my goal: getting the runtime under ten minutes. Who knows – it might not be too much longer before I can focus on the next set of post-production headaches: sound fixing and colour grading.