When disaster strikes

Last week everything was seemingly going to plan until without any predictable rhyme or reason disaster struck! Below is advice I’ve written to remind myself how I coped (which is hopefully helpful to others):

  1. Take a moment out, go for a quick walk and gather perspective. At the end of the day, the majority of problems seem larger than they actually are. Clear your head and reset your priorities on how you might resolve the problem.
  2. Take responsibility in getting it fixed and do not Ostrich! Inability to take responsibility doesn’t make the problem go away and tends to make things feel insurmountable.
  3. Do not focus on blaming people, this is very negative. Involve anyone who you need to help you resolve the problem. You are probably not alone with the problem. Most will understand and try to help. Praise and reward these people both during and after problem solving.
  4. Keep calm and keep you cool. If you appear stressed this will only feed stress levels of others.
  5. Keep the communication flowing with the relevant people as everything progresses.
  6. See this as an opportunity to introduce some positive changes. It might be writing guidelines or making a case to invest in safeguards to stop similar problems from reoccuring.

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