An unfortunate sequence of events

Despite my best intentions (and claims) that I will never edit another film I’ve directed I’m back at it again. Unfortunately the original editor (being in a similar situation to me) didn’t have time to devote to the project. It’s now been about half a year since we filmed The Choice. To be fair, I should have chased harder. On the other-hand, it’s been several months and I’ve now dropped a lot of the baggage swimming around in my head during the production phase. In fact, I’ve rekindled my love of editing (at last I can see the forest for the trees).

The semi-frustrating part is that I’ve had to start right from the beginning again (would have been easier if Adobe Premiere was more accommodating with different versions – it seemingly supports Final Cut better than its own software). I began with what I believed would be the hardest scene to edit (it came together reasonably painlessly). As is so often the case with editing a couple of the seemingly innocuous scenes caused more grief. I’m now on the cusp of having an assembly edit (around 16 minutes).

Editing The Choice

I won’t delve into editing specifics for now but I will revise my original claim. I’m not going to edit another film I’ve directed unless I’ve given it a reasonable “cooling-off” period so I can look with fresh eyes.


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