Deathly Silence

Whilst I was intending to have a quieter 2015, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’d completely given up at blogging for good. Well, bad luck – I haven’t!

Music is perhaps one of the most subjective forms of creativity on the planet. I compose purely for fun (being self taught rather than classically trained). In particular I enjoy score-writing and would love to do more, although things don’t always work out.

In some cases I simply don’t have enough time (such as my original unused score for Sick – when I was directing The Choice, juggling family life and my full-time job). The score for Sick will now be by Lisa Pipkin – it sounds great and I look forward to seeing the final edit. Here was my original take below:


In some other cases things just don’t hit the right spot, pretty much like my most recent scoring assignment for the Film Oxford project Let Nothing You Dismay. My score was described as “too Ealing comedy” and “not the right tone” by the director (a short comedy where the Grim Reaper gets bored at Christmas – the first thing which popped into my head *was* an Ealing Comedy crossed with Danny Elfman). To be fair I did entertain and experiment the directors original idea of using a Shepard Tone, but this felt weird to me for a comedy of this sort (again – love to see the final version to see if they can make it work). There is no point in fighting this, it’s a simple matter of creative differences which (as a film-maker myself) I don’t take personally. It was fun to make.

I don’t like to see things go to waste however. There is definitely a market for rejected scores. My personal favourite is LaLaLand’s rejected John Barry score for The Golden Child (which is essentially like an 80’s Bond score – some of material was reworked into The Specialist score). There are many other rejected scores I’d still love to hear, some of which I am told are arguably superior to the music actually used (eg. Bernard Hermann’s Torn Curtain or George Fenton’s Interview With A Vampire). Half of these gems are never released because of complex legalities. Being as I have no such complications to concern me, here is my concept material for Let Nothing You Dismay (not sure how this will translate being as it was largely designed to mickey-mouse the onscreen actions/sound-mix). Enjoy!

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