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Day 21: Bedroom antics

Sunday: day of rest. Thought I’d use this as an excuse to cover some of the fun we had dressing bedroom locations in Emmi. The first was a teenage bedroom. We were able to gain a brief insight into “the real thing”. The obvious conclusions were white walls are unpopular, posters need to be plastered everywhere and it shouldn’t be tidy. Pretty-much as you’d expect – so this came together surprisingly easily (with the exception of needing to find the right material to plaster the walls with).

More problematic was the bedroom for our main character Sarah. We almost took an easy option, but something was nagging me about it – it wasn’t quite right for Sarah’s character. In the end crew-member Alex kindly allowed us to come in and use his spare room for the location. There were a couple of small issues to overcome before we started filming however:

Bedroom pre-dressing

Pre-dressing Bedroom wall

It wasn’t just his nephew’s artwork on the walls, the funishings, a lack of curtains, doorways in the wrong place and windows going full-width across the room (the windows are square in the establishing location shots). We only had two days before we needed to start filming!

It just goes to show how some organisation, a lick of paint, a bit of set dressing and boarding up of windows can transform things dramatically in almost no time at all.

Set Dressing ideas

Fully Dressed

Thanks to Alex for this one, I’m definitely glad we went the extra mile to achieve this – it really made all the difference.