Daily Archives: December 20, 2014

Day 20: Fully equiped

As a film-maker it’s easy to chase your tail in terms of equipment. There is so much amazing kit out there right now and it’s getting better and more affordable all the time! One of the nice things about working with the Film Oxford Production Group is getting to share and play with each others kit.

Setting up kit

In terms of Emmi, for lighting we had softboxes, redheads but the real winners were the portable LED panels which threw out a fair amount of light in a confined space and were used in all exterior shots.

For sound we had used a Zoom H6 to record the audio. We had access to wireless lapel mic kits, but in the end opted to record everything with an Rode NT2 shotgun microphone on boom for a more natural sound.

Then there was the camera (or rather cameras). We used a combination of the Panasonic GH4 and GH3 with various lenses. The two worked very well together, I have to say I am particularly impressed with the GH4 for the price. That said it isn’t a low-light camera and you need nice lenses (and ideally the Metabones speedbooster so you can attach faster lenses with less crop on them).

Making everything look more impressive were monitors, matte boxes, follow focus, stabilising gimbals. Toys toys toys!
Toys Toys Toys

I have a GH4 on my Christmas list, but sadly I don’t think I’ve been quite good enough this year!