Daily Archives: December 18, 2014

Day 18: Trailer Trash

Recently I watched the new showreel for our lovely camera person Danny MacGregor-Gill who helped us film Emmi.

Great to see a couple of clips from the film made their way in amongst the other lovely imagery. Feeling inspired (and perhaps fueled with impatience whilst waiting for the first post-production assembly), I decided to cut a teaser for one of my films (a first for me). I’ve never felt any urge to cut any form of trailer for one of my films. Why now?

All my films have been shorts and I feel in most cases that this medium doesn’t really lend itself well in terms of creating trailers. The films are already short, low-budget, mostly based around some kind of twist (which a trailer is likely to give away). But for this one, there is perhaps more going on than some of my other efforts and I guess I’ve felt inspired.


Generally speaking I have two pet peeves with teasers/trailers, respectively:

1. Teasers which are a complete non-entity. Case in point: Jurassic World. Many liked the actual teaser (myself included), but creating a teaser for – er- a teaser…!? Too much! Whilst on the subject – the original teaser for Jurassic Park 3 was pretty weak also (lots of sound atmosphere, full of stock footage unrelated to the film, no dinos – plays more like a bad Kickstarter campaign).

2. Trailers where most of the plot is given away. To many to mention but most recent example appears to be Disney’s new Cinderella trailer. Thankfully I don’t need to see this now! Honorary mention to Goldeneye, which had an excellent teaser (an adrenaline jolt which announces “Bond is Back”), and a rubbish main trailer – which gives away most of the plot and perhaps more criminally – the main twist.

Anyway, I had a tremendous amount of fun playing with this, the final film is being assembled elsewhere so might end up rather different. This set a tone, but very little is actually revealed (no sign of babies, cats or even key characters so apologies to Rachel and Barbara who would both clearly feature in a more exhaustive trailer). The trailer isn’t finished, hopefully I can finish it by next week (hint).