Daily Archives: December 15, 2014

Day 15: Grey areas

Falling behind with the posts at the moment (have one part written but will post later in the week). Therefore I need to post two this evening to catch up. Last month my aunt challenged me to the five day Black and White photography challenge. Here were my efforts (all were taken during the 5 day challenge period):

B+W Day 1: Choir

Day 1: Shot of an Oxford college chapel with choir singing. Liked the black and white floor.

B+W Day 2: Laudian Library

Day 2: Laudian library. Built in 1631 by William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, who was beheaded in 1645. Students at St John’s College have reported sightings of the headless Laud holding a candle and kicking his head along the floor.

B+W Day 2: On Location with The Choice

Day 3: Bit of cheat this one as our film photographer Mel Cunningham took it (didn’t have a camera to hand as was “busy directing and stuff”). Establish shot on Emmi.

B+W Day 4: Squirrel

Day 4: Tried in vain to get a decent squirrel shot. In the end I ended up with the squirrel equivilent of “Where’s Wally?”.

Squirrel - take 2

Bonus: This was another closer one, but the focus/contrast felt a bit off!

B+W Day 5: Memorial

Day 5: Memorial. Used some colour in this, but hopefully to good effect.

I must confess all shots I took were in colour, which were then desaturated. I then challenged Nick Holloway (aka. The Erratic Photographer) to do the challenge, who no doubt did it properly. His entries begin on 20th November. I understand his bonus leaf exclusion. I took a similar photo on my mobile around the same time which proved there is room for both colour and black and white.