Daily Archives: December 14, 2014

Day 14: Hacked Off!

In something worthy of a Bond plot, Sony’s film studio unit has recently been hacked. Last night I discovered that the script for the new Bond film has been leaked online (after reading the producer’s press statement).


I also read something which sounded even more troublesome, personal employee data was also included in the leaks. I can see how many might be seduced by all the insight it offers about the Hollywood studio system. However remember where it comes from (ie. illegal sources). It signifies scary times ahead (how long ago were we reading about Celebrity iCloud accounts being hacked?).  How long will it be before you yourself are directly affected by a hack of some description (if you haven’t been already). We are going to see more and more of this in the future sadly.

As a Bond fan, I’m miffed because I suspect I will now struggle to avoid potential spoilers. So far all I’ve really learned is the Studio was unhappy with the high budget and requested a bunch of rewrites. It sounds like the draft leaked was an early one, so I hope there are still lots of genuine surprises left for the audience (I wonder if this forces a few additional script alterations on production). From memory, I recall the script to Casino Royale was also leaked before release, let us hope the audience embraces Spectre with the same enthusiasm.

On a slightly more positive note, whilst listening to demos on Soundcloud, I stumbled onto a composer called David Coscina. He is clearly inspired by a number of things, not least John Barry and Bernard Herrmann, so I enjoyed a number of his tracks. One track really stood out as it was a mix of Bond, Jerry Goldsmith and Henry Mancini. Love that fun 60’s spy swagger: