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Day 13: If you can’t stand the heat

Okay enough with the stairwell now! Completing the well-known saying in the title above – let’s move on to kitchens. There were two kitchens required for the film. The first kitchen we found was in the same complex as the stairwell. We really liked it’s slightly dated 70’s looking decor (with lilac walls).

Original Kitchen

However, imagine our surprise when we turned up a week later and found the whole kitchen was completely redecorated (unknown to us)! So we have a slightly less grungy looking kitchen.

Film Emmi and Janine Kitchen

We also needed to find a second kitchen. We originally considered another nearby location for this, which probably would have worked well against the original decor:

Possible Kitchen Location

This location was going to cost however and wasn’t ideal in terms of layout. We were also no longer rocking that grunge kitchen look. So what to do with only a few days to go?

Whilst visiting our runner Alex, I noticed his kitchen had space to film and the right type of look for Sarah’s character. So really this post is sending a big thank-you in Alex’s direction for letting us come in and rearrange his entire kitchen for the film.

Filming Amy in the kitchen

I’m sure there might be more thanks heading his way again soon…