Daily Archives: December 11, 2014

Day 11: Compact and Bijou

If you have no idea what I’m referring to with this title, then perhaps this old Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie advert might help explain. If you are still none-the-wiser, then I’m talking about lack of space (with regards to filming).

One of the challenges filming Emmi was shooting in tiny spaces: tiny bedrooms, cramped kitchens and – as mentioned on my previous post – legendary stairwells. In particular this location was a challenge. I remember doing a recce asking the location managers for the seediest looking stairwell they could find. There were a number, but we ended up going with this one:

Grungey Stairwell for The Choice

We liked it because the top housed a tiny corridor area which could also be used. Little did we know!

Stairwell Chaos on The Choice

To say there wasn’t enough room to swing a cat is perhaps an understatement (poor choice of phrase considering we had three characters, a baby and a cat for this scene – that’s before the crew and equipment were also factored in and we only had around 4 hours complete it). We made it through thanks to plenty of humour (and Image App which allows you to see what’s being filmed on camera over wifi).