Day 9: Fun-Fun-Fund

One of the things which we were keen to avoid with Emmi was a lengthy crowdfunding campaign before filming began. Crazy right? Well – yes and no!

Obviously the production aspect is the part which eats most of the money during film-making. Most turn to crowdfunding to raise funds and build an audience in advance. But this method of raising money takes a lot of time and effort. You also need something visual to show off to seperate your project from the rest (which you probably won’t have much of by this point). Crowdfunding is now mainstream and very noisy – everyone is using it, including major studios? How can you compete?

We opted to take a different route, a film evening showing off some of our previous short film efforts as a fundraiser for two Film Oxford Production Group projects. What fun this was! Below are a few photos (badly taken on my mobile) from our “Grim Shorts” event:

Grim Shorts Fundraiser 02

Grim Shorts Fundraiser 01

Grim Shorts Fundraiser 04

Grim Shorts Fundraiser 05

Grim Shorts Fundraiser 06

The main beauty of the event was:

1. It was a lot more fun than crowd-funding to organise!
2. It helped to fund more than just our project.
3. It took less time to bring it together than a full crowdfunding campaign would.
4. It used similar skills as pulling a production together. Good for experience and team bonding.
5. It acted as a local audience build. We had around 60-70 people attend, one of which (unknown to us) was a local journalist.
6. People were already getting some “benefit” from the experience.

We formed the budget around the amount we raised which was split 50/50 between the two projects. Considering all the requirements in our script, we did a phenomenal job pulling it all together on time and on budget. Would I do consider doing this over crowdfunding? Yes – definitely!


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