Daily Archives: December 7, 2014

Day 7: Let Nothing You Dismay

After yesterday’s post, this might look like yet another non-Christmas entry. Good news however, it is! As I type, the Film Oxford Production Group is out filming a motley-crew of choir singers for the Let Nothing You Dismay, a comedy short where the Death gets bored at Christmas and decides to take a holiday in Oxford (as you do!). I was hoping to make it along to the set today to be an extra, but sadly I can’t make it. However I did pop in to the crypt location (just down the road from me), so will share a few photos of this instead (along with it’s wonderful set design):

Death's Crypt Photo 1

Death's Crypt Photo 2

Death Made-up Photo

I’ll be on music composing duties for this one, so expect to hear a bit more about it soon!