Daily Archives: December 4, 2014

Day 4: Read between the lines

The pre-production for Emmi was a pretty drawn affair mostly because as a group we only met every couple of weeks. It seemed like it might never happen through-out most of the pre-production stage, but it’s easy to pin-point the time when the reality kicked in: the script read-through/workshop. This was the first time the main cast members and crew came together.


We were also helped by acting coach Marcus D’amico whose experience proved invaluable. Marcus has a wonderfully varied career and came onboard as someone who hadn’t been privy the script development process.

Marcus D'amico

During the script process we were boiling things down to what we felt was it’s essence. Yet we probably took more out than we should and Marcus was extremely helpful in helping us identify these elements. It was also fantastic to see our cast developing the script and bouncing off each other as well – at last it felt like everything was coming to life.