Daily Archives: December 1, 2014

Advent Calendar 2014

A friend just finished doing the 30 day blog challenge. Feeling inspired, I’ve decided to do something similar but in my own way. Being as Christmas is just around the corner, it’s an advent blogging calendar (predominantly, but not exclusive centered around my latest short-film effort – The Choice). Don’t expect too many expansive essays, but do expect to see some photos by the vivacious Mel Cunningham.


1: Christmas is coming 2: Children and animals 3: Revisionary 4: Reading Between the lines 5: We've Been Expecting you 6: Sick Music 7: Let Norhing You Dismay 8: Bah Humbug! 9: Fun Fun Fund 10: The Rush 11: Compact and bijou 12: Crossing Over 13: If You Can't Stand The Heat 14: Hacked Off! 15: Grey Areas 16: Needing Space 17:Stay Tuned 18: Trailer Trash