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The A-Team

In due course I’ll post my experiences about filming Emmi. Before I do that however, I would like to thank the amazing team who helped make it all happen:

Adam Radley:
Adam Radley
Thanks for your friendship over the past 20+ years (feeling old now) and offering support whenever filming happens. You have been invaluable over the past couple of weekends (as you proved during both Etiquette and Spare Change). It’s great to see you flex those prop-skills again!
Alex Abbey-Taylor:Alex Abbey-Taylor Welcome to the crazy world of film-making! It was fantastic to see you tackle all the challenges, even if they involved redressing/painting one of your bedrooms as a set and letting a bunch of mad people move in to cause mayhem!
Amy Harris:
Thanks for being our amazing Sarah and bringing her to life, giving her the warmth you naturally exude (which wasn’t always written down in the script). Sorry for making you traipse around in PJs in the dark. Was a real pleasure collaborating with you on this. And you’re a Spooks fan, so can do no wrong!
Barbara Deane:
Barbara Deane
Thank you for coming in at the last minute and being so patient with us, despite all the waiting around and dreary weather conditions. I’m really pleased we were able to give you a bit more to do and hope you found the experience enjoyable.
Dan Edwards:
Thanks for your offer of help at just the point we needed it (ie. extremely short notice). Really appreciated all your logging/scene lighting efforts (that damn stairwell!). It was great to have you along for the ride.
Daniel McGregor-Gill:
Mr Gimble! Thanks for all those wonderful smooth shots you produced for us, plus occasionally scaling dizzy heights so we could black things out (having tree surgeon skills obvious helps). Your good humour was infectious and kept the whole team going through-out.
Diego Carvalho:
Diego Carvalho
Brilliant having you back helping with make-up after Etiquette. Really sorry you missed that Halloween party and your car misbehaved on the first day 🙂 Great to have you in the film as an extra this time also.
Gillian Kirkpatrick:
Loved your insights on other productions, dread to imagine what you’ll say about our production! Thanks for hitting your marks absolutely spot on during that amazing mad dash at the end. I’m expecting to see you on an episode of Doctor Who in the near future.
The Hoodies:
Adam Gilday, Ben Wooding and Lara Stead – you all look menacing on camera, but were all extremely polite and patient with us behind the scenes. Sorry to get you all out of bed early on a Sunday morning just to be rained on and stand around in a grimy underpass.
Jo Lewis-Wood:
Jo Lewis-Wood
Thanks so much for allowing us to film your little one and being so calm, patient and understanding with us. Without your adorable (and amazingly tolerant) little girl this film simply wouldn’t work! There is a toy penguin heading your way soon!
Laura Jones:
Laura Jones
You contributed a lot during the initial stages of the project, then other things then came up. It was wonderful to have you and your enthusiasm back with us for the actual shoot.  Thanks for your cat-wrangling skills and all the lovely food you brought along to keep the team going – massively appreciated!
Mel Cunningham:
Mel Cunningham
Thanks for all your lovely photos and offering to help out in any way behind the scenes whenever the help was needed (occasionally in the form of cconfectionery). It was awesome to have you back on this shoot with us! Can’t wait to see the poster concepts.
Natalie Martins:
Natalie Martins
You knocked the character of Emmi (the script’s most difficult character) out of the park! Thanks so much for doing this, making it all seem so graceful/effortless and being game for pretty-much everything we threw at you. You were mesmerising to watch and hope we can give your performance the justice it deserves.
Oliver Richards:
Oliver Richards
Thanks for just being there and jumping in for whatever we needed help with, be it logging or the occasional bit of sound recording. I’m hoping we can put some of your after effects skills to good use in the not-to-distant future. Meanwhile Salsa!
Philip Hind:
Phil Hind
You were there from the very beginning. Thanks for all the lovely camera work, focus pulls and fastidious attention to detail (during both the production and pre-production). Loved your dry wit and no-nonsense attitude, can’t wait to see that assembly edit.
Polly Biswas Gladwin:
Polly Biswas Gladwin
Thanks for being our ears (usually in more than one way) and recording the majority of the sound for us. Your diplomacy was much appreciated on many an occasion and it was brilliant have another “original member” help us all the way through the project.
Rachel Pooley:
Rachel Pooley
To think we thought you might be the quiet one in the team before we started shooting – haha! We really missed your on-set banter and antics after the first day of shooting. Thanks for playing Ali, carrying buggies/babies all over the place. Wanting to play that 1 second music intro game again now.
Susie Stead:
Susie Stead
Last but by certainly no means least! The whole project would have never happened without all of your enthusiasm and last-minute problem-solving. And of course your script which attracted everyone to the project in the first place. I feel we complimented each-other very well, not sure this is how writers/directors are supposed to behave on set according to film-making folklore. It feels strange not speaking to you on a daily basis about “the next set of obstacles we’ll need to over-come”.

Finally thanks to everyone in the production group and Film Oxford who all helped out behind the scenes. My hope is that everyone on the shoot had fun making it and what an amazing team you all made!

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