The Choice: The Cast

Following on from the previous audition post, I’m delighted to announce our wonderful cast for Emmi:

Amy Harris

Amy Harris

Amy Harris is a recent graduate at Drama Studio London.  She has worked for a number of different companies in various productions including Robin Hood, A Christmas Carol, The Emperor’s New Clothes and You Are Special.

Amy will be playing Sarah who is a kind but nervous person who wants nothing more than to have her own children. Now approaching her forties, she feels the chances of this ever happening are starting to slip out of her grasp.

Gillian Kirkpatrick


Gillian Kirkpatrick  is a versatile actress and singer who has played a broad spectrum of roles, from comedy to tragedy. In particular Gillian has amassed a wide range of Theatre work, her most recent theatre role being opposite Doctor Who actor Matt Smith in the stage version of American Psycho at the Almeida. She will soon appear in BBC medical drama Holby City.

Gillian will be playing Janine who is Emmi’s mother. Janine was young when she had children and almost certainly regrets the decision. She gave up her college education and career only to end up as a single mum who is struggling to cope. She is finding it particularly hard coming to terms with her daughter’s transition from sweet girl into temperamental teenager.

Natalie Martins


Natalie Martins is a BA (Hons) Drama graduate from the University of Greenwich who has played a number of leading female roles in feature films including Get Gone, Cruel Summer and the award-winning comedy The Better Man. Natalie won the London Independent Film Festival Best Actress award in 2013 for the film Miracle Grow.

Natalie plays Emmi who is a bright yet unmotivated teenager. Emmi surely comes across to others as overly aggressive and rude which masks her more insecure and vulnerable side. She’s naturally perceptive and can be very funny or rip someone to pieces verbally.

Rachel Pooley


Rachel Pooley trained at The London Bubble Theatre Company, The Young Vic Theatre and Southwark College Performing Arts Department. She has recently appeared in the feature film Hi-Lo Joe and short film Too Young Too Soon.

Rachel is playing the part of Ali. Despite the fact she is only a couple of years older than Emmi, she looks down on her as an immature brat and the two occasionally quarrel. Ali is a nice girl who is a young single mum, but most people think she only had the child to get the flat.


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