Ciara Phillips

This week there is an Arts Festival happening in Oxford, so here is a slightly related post.

One of the great perks about my new role is that I sometimes get the chance to roam and meet with interesting people. On the odd occasion these people also agree to let me film them. Ciara Phillips is one of the nominees for this year’s Turner Prize at Tate Britain (from September/October). She also happens to be this term’s Artist-in-residence at St John’s College, Oxford. Ciara very graciously allowed me to talk with her before an open studio weekend in Oxford. Here is the result:

Later on the rest of the family turned up and did some screen-print creating with Ciara. The resulting print was clearly World Cup inspired:

Football Screen Print

When we got home, my eldest daughter decided she would experiment with her own form of screen-printing. She made several creations – but this one was my favourite:

Original Screen Print

In the words of Salvador Dalí “A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others”.


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