Casting Choices

It’s been a while since my last update but things have been anything but quiet:

1. For the first time in 13 years I’ve changed jobs. The new role will be more creative and I’m moving away from a largely male environment to a place where this won’t be the case.

2. The Production Group have all been working hard on our short film The Choice (title now renamed “Emmi”) and the team have nominated me to direct. Aside from the story, one of the attractions to this project will be the fact that the characters are almost exclusively female. The characters feel genuine without ever playing to any “Hollywood Female” stereotypes. We are now looking to workshop the characters with actors who will bring them to life. If you know anyone in the Oxford/nearby location who would be interested in auditioning for a part – please pass this on:



We are looking to find actors for four female parts:

  • CAZ (aged 16)
  • ALI (aged around 17-19)
  • SARAH (aged 35+)
  • JANINE (aged 40+)

For Short Film “THE CHOICE”

Produced by Film Oxford Production Group (
Written by local screenwriter Susie Stead (
Directed by Andy Carslaw (


“The Choice” is a 15 minute drama which follows three women who live in a block of flats, over the course of one night. Sarah is single and desperate for a baby. She’s recently moved in and suffers anxiety after being mugged. She helps Ali, teenage single mum, carry her pushchair up the stairs. At the top of the stairs they meet Caz, a 16 year old girl who plays loud music late at night. Sarah tries to complain but is met with deaf-ears and abuse. Later that night there is a scream. Sarah hears a sound outside and mewing. Surely it’s a cat? Finally Sarah unlocks her door and stands on the threshold but does she have the courage to cross it? And what will she find?


For further information please contact:


We will be advertising this on various casting sites soon, so please check back for further details.

Further information about the characters and how is now available on the StarNow site.

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