Super Hero Themes

Recently hit an age milestone (or rather millstone) and one of the treats I wanted to allow myself was to spend a day writing a new track. Perhaps subconsciously after my Super Hero film rant, I really wanted to write a Super Hero tune. I even gave it a vague back-story to compose against.

Am I Super?

A lone person stands precariously at the top of skyscraper over-looking the city, thoughts dashing through their head:

What just happened? Am I am freak? Or do I possess a gift? One way to find out. It’s a long way down. I must clear my mind. Should I step off – there is no coming back if I fail. Shut eyes – leap of faith. Wow-whee!!!!! I do have special powers – I’m doing this. This is fun! Oooops, getting a bit too cocky. I am still developing. What just happened? Am I am freak? Or do I possess a gift? Am I Super? I have powers. Do I keep this a secret or share? Powers can be used for Good and Bad. I am a good person, but I’ll need to take responsibility. I will make enemies along the way. I will have to make difficult choices. I could lose those I love. But this is a gift. I will learn to harness these powers. I am developing. I am Super!

So here is the track, which is part me, part Danny Elfman and part Hans Zimmer. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!

[direct link]

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