New developments

Right now is a crazy time, which hopefully goes to explain why the blog has been a bit quiet for the past month or so. It’s all been work work work! Everything feels seismic, epic and very new right now. So what’s been happening (taking aside any of the usual day-to-day parental dramas)?

Firstly, after 13 years I am leaving my day job to take up a new position. This has not been a quick or easy decision/process to deal with but I feel it is definitely the right time to move on. I have achieved everything I wanted to in the role but will miss the team greatly. Of course I am also extremely excited about the new post which allows me to shift focus towards content/media creation. My current situation is still a bit of a head-screw being as I am working in both roles (phased), I won’t make the full switch until July (I’m sure any temporary discomfort will pass quickly).

Secondly, I’ve been battling with the local council who want to *double* the size of our village by building on protected Greenbelt land. This goes way beyond “Not in my back yard” NIMBYism – it would damage everything we love about living in the village irrevocably and we may as well become a suburb of the town next to us. Aside from the greenbelt issue, the area clearly floods (already), plus the village is already on it knees in terms of schooling, amenities and over-parking. The proposal is driven purely by “Government target hitting”.  I don’t plan to dwell on this further but let’s just say I am more the political animal than I thought I was (although showing the proposal as flawed is pretty exhausting).

So busy times – it doesn’t end there! Then there is film work. I will rattle off some of the recent developments here:

1. The Choice is on a new draft (as of this very evening). It is radically different from the first take. Tomorrow we meet to decide who will be taking on which roles – unsurprisingly it seems everyone wants to direct but no one wants to produce! Sound familiar?

2. Speaking of the Film Oxford Production group, I seem to have inherited being the chair for the production group. With everything else going on this seems reasonably pain-free.

3. I also have a couple of potential scoring assignments. One is for a production group film (which begins filming this weekend – woo!). The other is the directorial debut of Rhys Lewis, who I met at the Guerilla filmmaker’s Masterclass back in 2012. His film “Sick” is a hard-hitting revenge thriller in a similar vein to cult classic Old Boy (with more British sensibilities). I’m really looking forward to getting down and dirty with this.


4. Cancer Hair premiered in the West End last week and the end result is magical. I feel extremely proud and honoured to have played my part in helping Gail Hackston get it made. Well done to Gail and the team. We set out to make a “less depressing but more positive” cancer related film about survival/remission and I definitely feel we achieved this. The film is heart-warming, fingers crossed it plays well on the festival scene.


Meanwhile please forgive any sporadic updates over the forthcoming months, hopefully it will be business as normal shortly.


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