Choices choices…

Thursday evening was a pivotal point for the Production group. No longer are we just talking about rules or pitching projects – we are at the point of starting to develop them. The real journey is now about to start – well done to all involved!

Production Group

The votes are in and we can now reveal which of the proposed projects will be  going forward. These are:

  • Death By Mobile
  • The Choice (renamed “Emmi”)
  • Let Nothing You Dismay
  • Awareness (set around a speed awareness course – the pace of life is clearly too hectic for some. This was a late entry which replaces Seeing Me being as this project ultimately wasn’t entered.)

It’s fantastic that four projects are going forward. The next part was assigning each project “to a wall”, and getting people to stand by the wall of their preferred project. Being as all of these projects were on my short-list at some point, I agonised for a moment. Then I calmly cleared my head and went over to the one which was ultimately resonating the most with me. It was growing on me each and every time I read or thought about it. I believe it will be the hardest to make in technical terms out of the four projects, but ultimately the most rewarding. In the end there was only one choice, and that was the gritty drama “The Choice”.


The script was written by Susie Stead (who also wrote the script for “Death by mobile”). What speaks volumes to me is the fact she believes in this project enough to stand by it and joined our wall. We have a great group and I’m really looking forward to working on the script over the weekend with the team.  Of course, even though this will be my primary focus, I’m also happy to help on the other projects also.

We’re off at last!


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