Unfinished Synthphony

I haven’t been composing a great deal recently because of high workload and the fact I needed to retire my trusty but now rather uncomfortable Goldring DR-100 headphones (held together by gaffer-tape). After some research I decided to go with Audio Technica ATH-M40fs headphones from Absolute Music because of their flat response. I wanted the ATH-M50 headphones, but couldn’t really justify the price. The Absolute Music customer service was fantastic and the headphones arrived very quickly. Enthusiasm was short-lived when I noticed they had the larger 6.35mm plug and not the 3.5mm mini-jack I was expecting (note to self: read the technical info next time). Therefore I had to wait for the appropriate adapter to arrive also.


This has now arrived – so it’s play-time! Early days, but I’m reasonably impressed with the headphones even if they still require additional burn in. I sat down and began to flutter away at my keyboard to form the makings of a new tune. I like where the new tune is heading, despite the fact it is unfinished. Afterwards I decided to revisited some stagnant “in progress” tunes and came across one with certain similarities.


The next day I tested both tunes on my harshest critics (the girls). The little one hated both tunes, the larger one loved them (at least they are consistent). What could be agreed upon was the newest composition was the better tune (my gut feeling also). Both are easy-listening ambient pieces. The new tune is slightly funkier, has a melody and sounds cleaner (perhaps because of the new headphones). The older track is less polished and mostly a series of chord progressions set to a beat (even if I do like it’s progressions around the 40 seconds mark). A lot of my compositional experimenting never gets to see the light of day. Therefore I might share more of these “undeveloped” tracks in the future, but for now I hope you enjoy this one (even if it is incompleted and likely to be retired like my old headphones):

Link: http://soundcloud.com/satorious/unfinished-synthphony-demo

Out with the old and in with the new!

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