Be productive

So after a few weeks break, our Film Oxford Production Group met up for the first time this year and our third meeting. My what a long way we have come! The first meeting was an understandably dry affair covering necessities such as rules and regulations.

Production Meeting Number 1

The second meeting was less noisy/crowded and a more cohesive group was beginning to form. The focus of this latest meeting was pitching again – only this time with the prospect of taking one or more projects forward.

I wasn’t planning to pitch anything yet ended up doing the very first pitch (if nothing else this hopefully broke the ice). Two things struck me: firstly that all were fictional pieces and secondly how varied they all were. Here is a brief run down of the projects discussed:

  1. Above and Beyond (Romantic: one minute short about a boy, a girl and an ice-cream vendor – a match made to last).
  2. Death by Mobile (Drama: his life in tatters, Alex clings to on the window ledge with one hand and a mobile phone in the other. Does he really have what it takes to let go?)
  3. Flying With Angels (Drama: A tale of two very different train journeys from different eras travelling the same line)
  4. Funeral (Comedy/Drama: amusing yet poignant, a widow plans the ultimate send off which quickly escalates)
  5. Kiss (Experimental/Drama: two-minute short about altered states of consciousness)
  6. Let Nothing You Dismay (Comedy: Feeling somewhat bored –  Death decides to shake-up the routine a bit – it is Christmas after all)
  7. Portal (Horror/Thriller: Ghost story set in a creepy lighthouse – Scooby Doo meets Sixth Sense)
  8. Red Rag (Experimental/Thriller: Following a cycling accident Daniel, suffering mild concussion thinks he has witnessed an attack on a young woman. But has he really?)
  9. Seeing Me: (Drama: A man misjudges the way his partner is actually feeling on her birthday. Can he win her back before the end of the road and the bus reaches the destination?)
  10. The Choice (Drama: Hard-hitting story of young-mum who doesn’t want her baby and Sarah who would dearly love nothing more than having one)
  11. The Hairdresser (Comedy: “Based on a true story” – the salon’s latest customer causes quite a stir – especially with regards to some of his personal habits).
  12. The Screens (Sci-Fi: A dystopian vision of the ‘surveillance society’ set on a subway train in the near future)

Tonight is the final deadline to submit proposals and we will then all vote on which projects might go forward (based on the most popular choices). Which one would be your personal favourite based on the taglines?


2 responses to “Be productive

  1. Let Nothing You Dismay, Seeing Me, The Choice, The Screens.

    Only one: Seeing Me. Comedy can be hit and miss, dystopias are overdone at the moment, just prefer the sound of Seeing Me over The Choice.

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