When it rains…

…it pours! Oxfordshire has been particularly badly affected by flooding over the past few days (see some of the updates/results).

Two of the main routes into the city are underwater and things are only getting worse as the water table now rises. Buses are taking over 2 hours to get in/out and the train service I rely on has been disrupted also. Last night, I thankfully left early. There was one bit coming back where the train was barely moving through what was essentially a flowing river – several feet high. You could feel the force pushing the side of the carriage – not a nice feeling! Trains after this were suspended, I was lucky – many weren’t.

It rained again over night. I woke to the surprising news that the trains were still running a shuttle service between Oxford and Didcot every 30 minutes. Being a little weary of my train journey home, I monitored for a bit longer before deciding to “go for it”. Arriving at the station – I was greeted by some frustrated commuters and this on the display board:


Being as the last live train update hadn’t been for over an hour – I decided to take a short wander around the village whilst we waited for the next train. I didn’t go far before the inevitable happened:


Venturing on I was struck by what a lovely day it was and how majestic some parts of our village looked.



I returned to the station to find the situation hadn’t changed and the same frustrated commuters were still there grumbling (all trains were ultimately cancelled). Thankfully the walk cleared my head and left me in a better mood. Really should take time-out and do this more often – although next time I’ll take my boots!


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