Creative Inspiration

Happy 2014 everyone! Today marks a return “back to reality”, although I have enjoyed a lovely Christmas break with the children – marvelling at all their creative endeavours.

My youngest (clearly an engineer trapped in a four-year old’s body) had great fun keeping herself amused with her new Sylvanian families toys and building Lego towers/structures using the rather fun ello Creation System which would make even Grand Design’s Kevin Mccloud jealous. I wish I had her building abilities.

My eldest meanwhile wrote several stories/books. I was surprised when she even started to sell them to us:


Clearly her pricing strategies need more work but it was lovely to see her imagination firing away on all cylinders. I wish story-writing came as naturally to me!

I am particularly looking forward to this book (not on the list – but a personal request I put in):


There was one other piece she did which I found particularly impressive. Last year her school arranged a trip to the Ashmolean Museum. One of the things she saw was a picture on-loan from Le Louvre called La Nuit by Claude Joseph Vernet.


At the end of the holiday she did her own interpretation of this purely from her own recollection. I was also reliably informed by her that “the title is French, it means night”. Personally I can’t even mix the painting colours convincingly. I wish I had her memory and painting abilities also.


What a wonderful source of inspiration to start the year with. I hope they continue to keep me inspired throughout the year (and I am sure they will).

Signed: one very proud daddy!

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