Film Oxford Production Group

The blog has been relatively quiet over the past couple of months. However this doesn’t mean all is dormant. A collection of us have been working very hard behind the scenes to get the Film Oxford Production Group off the ground. And at last it seems we have! For anyone local – the first meeting will be tomorrow (Thursday 28th November) and meetings will take place at Film Oxford on every “other” Thursday (so it won’t clash with the 10×10 event).

Film Oxford Production Group
The core aim of the group is primarily to get out there and produce high quality work, paying particular attention to any members who have taken a film course but don’t know what their next step is. We have been collaborating with other script-writing and acting networks, plus Film Oxford have kindly agreed to help out in terms of venue and facilities.

What I particularly like about this group is the fact that we already feel like a film-making family. Firstly there is local documentary-maker Philip Hind who helped out with my last short Spare Change, Jim Gwilliam who has worked on every film I’ve made and three of the After The Bombs team (Grace O’Donnell, Barry Stringer and Oliver Wood).

So if you fancy making something rather than just talking about doing  it and you have skills you want to develop/bring to the table – find out more here (or click the image above).

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