This is Halloween!

So it’s all about Halloween-mania right now! Later on 7 small costumed children will decemate the house screeching, screaming, full of sugar trying to scare each other and no-doubt us in the process. Halloween is something new thing for me (thanks to my small children showing interest). Up until a few years ago I hadn’t even carved a pumpkin (don’t laugh: my first efforts from a couple of years back below):


There are some ridiculously talents carvers out there!

Incidently one of the nicest beers I have ever tasted (called ‘Alloween) was a pumpkin ale – the best description would be it was like drinking toffee but in beer form! Anyway, to celebrate (and to post my favourite musical number from the children’s favourite film of the moment: The Nightmare Before Christmas) is a cover of “This is Halloween”. This guy really nails the voices.

Here is the original so you can compare how good this guy’s voice work actually is!

Despite the fact Tim Burton gets the lion’s share of credit (being as has his name in the title), this film was actually directed by Henry Selick – who would go on to form Laika (a film company I love).  They have also made a couple of similar “dark” stop motion gems “for children”: Paranorman and Coraline. Both of which are pretty dark and not really for children.


Which means children will be scared to death and love them! Happy Halloween to all of you big and small children out there!!


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