The Bombshell hits

Firstly apologies for not posting sooner, it’s been phenomenally busy over the last few weeks (now working two jobs – make that four jobs if you also include childcare + film-making aspects).

In amongst all of this fun, I met some very inspiring film-maker types at this month’s 10×10 event at FilmOxford which was definitely one of the best yet. We heard from composers, documentary makers, experimental film-makers. The highlight for me was talking to one of the animators who worked on The Snowman/Where the Wind Blows/Yellow Submarine/Blue Meanie (seeing her portfoilio was utterly mind-blowing). One of the smaller but affecting moments for me was Darwin Franks showcasing his “Type-writer trilogy“. I know Darwin is also a parent and he said being a parent means you are limited in the type of film-work you can take on because of the time and energy young children require. He has decided to concentrate on editing. I pondered this and it resonates. I want to do more film work but right now it’s difficult! Whilst I love the editing  process, I’m not quick/natural enough to focus all my effort/time on it. However I have this new-found ability to write film-scores quickly, so scoring will be my primary focus for now.


Following on from my previous Zombie scoring medley, I’ve composed a score for the short film “After the bombs” which I also re-edited to show the “Bombs” team an alternate way their film could unfold.

This isn’t the entire score for the film – it is a suite and again it is an exercise in “speed-scoring”. The entire soundtrack (including everything you hear) all came together within a day. Given more time, I would add more polish to certain parts (eg. the strings at the end) – but being as this was done purely as fun, here you go:

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