Apologies for this posting being a bit of a mixed hodge-podge (I will try to keep it brief). With most of my outstanding projects now dusted off – I’ve been out hobnobbing with other local film-makers at various socials. Discussions about what we’ve been up to, various projects and some techy stuff (warning: the next part might contain some geek-speak):

We have all been talking about lenses, speed-boosters, new Zoom vs Tascam audio recorders and of course the (once again) delayed Black Magic Pocket Camera.


Phil Bloom has recently posted a couple of online reviews for this camera. It looks exciting indeed, but it is also good that he points out both good and bad points:

Good: portability, aesthetics, 13 f-stops of dynamic range, removable battery, no touch-screen, active MFT mount

Bad: the battery life (ouch!), limited SD cards and sound recording issues. Of course the biggest drawback right now is it’s availability (which appears to have been delayed for yet more time).

You can see Phil’s reviews below (part one being initial impressions, part two being how it performs in the field):

Hopefully we may be able to conduct a few of our own Panasonic GH3/Black Magic Pocket Camera tests in the near future when it is finally shipped. I know I am curious to see how the two look side by side.

So what next?
Who knows! Some of us discussed the possibility of entering The Nation Archives “Files of film” competition, although we have clearly left this a bit late. We turned our attention to spit-balling concepts and ideas. I came up with a crazy idea (for once!). Nothing significant as of yet, just a concept (which is essentially a mash-up of genres, but it is something which would be great fun and has an instant “hook”). Everyone seemed to endorsed the concept so fingers crossed it might have legs! I have also been chatting to other film-makers at the 10×10 event held in Oxford recently. Being as I am on the look-out to help out on other film projects right now – hopefully I’ll be reporting some new developments in due course.

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