Changing Your Tune

One of the more contentious creative decisions making Spare Change has been the soundtrack accompanying the end credits. Thoughts were:

i) No Sound, just silence.
ii) Some simple sound effects of the city sleeping.
iii) Music, perhaps something atmospheric or upbeat such as an urban or dance track.

We tried all of these. The first was outright dull. The second worked okay but felt cold to us. So we focused on the third option. There were a number of variations including these self-composed tracks:

Keepin’ it real on soundcloud

Higher Ground on soundcloud

Everything divided opinion. Having had a break from the project, it has allowed us to go back and revisit the issue. This time has clearly helped! It appears I was hung-up on one concept right from the start (the upbeat urban/dance track). This idea was seeded by the original opening we had planned (our business man in a bar partying, throwing his money around lavishly and downing drinks to a bang tune and some sharp editing). This part was even storyboarded by Layla:


Ultimately we decided this opening would require too much time/expense to create and the sequence wasn’t strictly required (especially if we were aiming to keep things down to 140 second mark for Virgin Media Shorts). We were hoping to bookend these flashy opening visuals with some equally flashy end-credits also, similar in style to this video:

By removing this opening, we had changed the whole tone and dynamic. It was now rather obvious we required something abstract/minimal and similar to the film’s underscore (which can be heard out of context below).

Spare Change (under)score on soundcloud

So it is a relief that the final part of the puzzle has fallen into place and we now have something which fits the tone of the story.

You can find out additional information about this project on the Spare Change website.


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