Letting go

Of late, I’ve had a nagging feeling of being stuck in a rut both in my day job and film-making. I have already taken a few proactive mini-steps with regards to the day job and they have highlighted what a positive breath of fresh air “change” can actually be. I now need to do the same with the film-making side. Unfortunately I have the type of personality which has trouble drawing a line under something and moving on. So I have been working things through in my mind.

The biggest hurdle has been comedy short Etiquette. For ages (over a year) it has just been sitting doing nothing. I created a large amount of half-finished “bonus material” to put on the DVD (a perk which was promised to the fine folk who backed us – to be fair we did invite all of our backers to a BAFTA screening as a special additional bonus perk). But other things were always getting in the way. So in the spirit of remaining focused, being positive and moving on, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working hard to complete this.

Now, almost at the finish-line a strange thing has happened. Not only does a great pressure feel like it’s been taken from my shoulders, I feel I am able to finally draw a line under all my other existing projects also. It seems simplistic reading this and thinking to myself: “Why on Earth didn’t you do this sooner?”. All I can say is the mind is powerful thing which can both free and trap you. Regular employment also slows you down a lot, as do small children (yes – especially the small children!)

Anyway, I am almost there. Here is a teaser (the back part of the DVD cover):


Making a DVD takes a lot more effort than I previously recall (it’s been quite a while!). The biggest obstacle turned out to be the fact we shot the film in film/23.975 frames per second, but all other material was shot in 25 frames per second. The DVD format is a fickle old beast which doesn’t take kindly to mixed frame-rates like a Blu-ray does. I had great fun getting the film to play in 25fps UK PAL format and without any stutters or the cast sounding like they are Smurfs.

With the exception of a couple of remaining Spare Change commitments (most notably a screening for the cast and crew), I now feel liberated and ready to take on new and exciting projects. At present my thoughts lean towards a couple of small low-key learning/experimental projects. Soon after those I would plan to tackle something significantly more ambitious – a Ghost story called The Curator. Hopefully I will covering more about this project in the near future.

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