I’ve been wanting to do an atmosphere ambient space-track for a while. I guess after butchering the Doctor Who theme (sorry about that everybody) – I was ready to make something original.


The track is part atmospheric and part ambient half. It’s called Stardrift

Some techie library stuff you might chose to ignore:

This uses a number of libraries. I was keen to work in my most recent acquisition courtesy of VSTBuzz somehow. VSTBuzz do weekly deals offering VST instruments usually at half the price. I should mention at this point that I have not been offered any benefits or payment to endorse their site, I simply like it! Obviously deals vary and some appeal more than others. The latest deal (at the time of this blog post and the instrument library I was referring to) is the Tongue drum and Fujara Textures by Crypto Cipher.

Essentially this is an ambient Kontakt library – a Tongue drum is a bit like a steel Whale drum and the Fujara is a Slovakian flute (which gives a wonderful ethnic vibe). I played around with a couple of the tongue pads and used a couple of the Fujara textures for this. Everything you need to know about this library can be found here:

Quick summary about this library – it is rather nice and professional looking. It is particularly good for more mellow ambient tracks. The drum itself is great and there are about 16 other interesting pads to play with. The Tongue drum part of the package is well polished. The Fujara textures are basic but sound great – they can add some real exotic flavour to  a track. Would I pay full-price for this? Being honest – probably not. However the 50% discount makes all the difference. Check it out before the deal ends early next week.

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