Doctor Who?

On Sunday the latest actor to play Doctor Who was announced. The build up was much the same as hearing who the latest actor will be to play James Bond.

So what do we think of new choice – Peter Capaldi?

Dr Who

For me he is a superb choice. Some have called him a perfect but “safe” choice. I disagree personally. Firstly – he was the foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker from In The Thick of It (hardly the safest choice for a family programme). Next he buck the recent trend of younger doctors. Hopefully this means we are able to move away from all those love-triangles which were beginning to plague Nu-Who. Finally there is the fact that Capaldi is such a brilliant and versatile actor – he could play the role in any number of ways (dark, mysterious, scary, light, funny, parental etc). I can’t wait to see how he plays it and wish him all the best – let’s hope he gets some excellent stories to back him up.

To mark the occasion (and having recently been at the Doctor Who Prom) – I had a play at the keyboard creating something purely as fun. Much as I enjoy Murray Gold’s orchestrated version – it has something serious lacking! You just can’t beat otherworldly radiophonics and oscillators pounding like the original by Ron Grainer/Delia Derbyshire. Technically how they created it was revolutionary. I also love the 1980’s Peter Howell version – presumably because I grew up during this era. To Murray Gold’s credit though, I sure am going to miss Matt Smith’s “I am the Doctor” theme once Peter Capaldi steps into the role. Anyway time waits for no man (except the Doctor) – so without further ado:


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