VM Shorts help

Dearest blog-readers,
Firstly a BIG thank-you for both reading and supporting this site, we hope you will continue to do this in the future. Our Spare Change team could do with some of your greatly appreciated support right now.
As you may or may not know, we entered Virgin Media Shorts this year. You can view our film Spare Change at:
The way VMshorts works is that 12 videos are picked to go through to the next stage of the competition and one additional film is picked (this is the one which has the most twitter support). It would be fantastic if you could all take a moment from your busy lives to view/vote/promote the film with a tweet along the lines of:
Please watch and vote for Spare Change by @andycarslaw and @scriptpunk.  #VMshortsvote http://www.virginmediashorts.co.uk/film/5323/spare-change#.UevX2G3Ek_h
Of course you could also use the #VMshortsvote hashtag along with the film’s title and the twitter handle @andycarslaw to tell us what you thought of the film so we can discuss in more detail. I will respond to pretty much every tweet in some form! Plus every tweet will count towards our social total which will help to get the film noticed. One of the reasons for using the @andycarslaw handle is because there is also another entry called Spare Change – although this is quite a bit different.
If you can also “Like” and “Share” via the VM Shorts link above – that is also massively appreciated. I’m happy to say we already have just under 70 likes (as of writing this).  The “popularity contest” ends on Sunday 28th July, so any tweets made after this period will no longer be counted.
Whilst it would be nice to make the final twelve films on merit, there are around 850 entires showcasing an amazing array of talent (although many were made by film-makers who had access to bigger resources and budgets than us). A vote for us is a vote for the underdog! 🙂
You can find out further information about the film/cast/crew on our Spare Change website at: http://www.sparechangemovie.co.uk
Last but not least – we really hope you enjoy the film and a HUGE thank-you in advance for your support to get us this far!

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