Doctor Who Proms

Had a family outing to Royal Albert Hall to see the Doctor Who Proms today.

This was a memorable trip for several reasons. Firstly it was our first prom. Secondly it was the first time my little ones had actually seen a live orchestra. My eldest in particular shows a real interest music, so this recalled a lot of the same emotions I felt when taking her to the cinema for the first time. Of course the fact they both love the series also helps!

I’ve created a small gallery of pictures from this event being as it’s the 50th Anniversary. It was great to see so many familiar faces, monsters, and it was a refreshing mix of “Classic Who” and “Nu-Who”.

Highlights included the aforementioned array of monsters, Matt Smith with new hair-do (and cheeky reasoning behind it), former Doctor Peter Davison, the Doctor’s very first companion – Carole Anne Ford, some Radiophonic coolness, Strax who was quite the scene-stealer, two prize-winning compositions, a special 50th tribute song and the conductor/orchestrator getting berated for his acting by the Daleks. How can you not love them?

It was a sad moment when we realised our daughter is so accustomed to the likes of DVD/iPlayer that when she said “I want to watch it again!”, we needed to explain that this was a live performance which can’t just be repeated. Her little face dropped for a moment, but thankfully it is currently available for a week or so on iPlayer in audio-only form and will be televised later in the Autumn.

3 responses to “Doctor Who Proms

  1. so what’s with the new hair? πŸ™‚

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