And the winner is…

It hasn’t been mentioned here in great detail but Legacy is hitting the festival circuit. So far we have only played at Cardiff. Depending on the festival, it can be one thing to get a film accepted and another to be shortlisted for awards. Thanks to the efforts of Sean Langton (the primary driving force behind the project), we achieved both.

The origins of Sean’s project are covered here and there is a wealth of additional “behind the scenes” relating to the development on this blog. In terms of the film itself, I’ve been onboard from the very beginning, when the project wasn’t even called Legacy. I turned down the opportunity of directing it, but said I’d help out as a co-producer, editor and music composer. We are finally at the stage we can show off the film. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting too much from Cardiff last weekend. We were entered into “best narrative”, but we were up against vast competition (even the screenings were split in two):


The long and short is we didn’t win this category. Not that this mattered because we came away with something unexpected and more meaningful. It appears that the audience responded to the film and rewarded us with the “Audience choice award”. At the end of the day you make films for the audience, so we are all extremely thrilled and humbled by this. It is especially pleasing to get an award which reflects on the efforts of the entire team – well done everybody!


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