Cakewalk Sonar X1 support frustrations

Yesterday I planned to unwind after a long long day because goodness knows I need this right now! I decided as a special treat to purchase the rather lovely Cinematic Tension FX by Cacophony-inc from Sampleism before the price goes up at the end of this month. So I did. I won’t review it here but it’s a nifty little product which I recommend.


I fired up my DAW (Cakewalk Sonar X1 Producer) with much excitement. I have a fully boxed retail copy, which has been working absolutely fine for the past six months.

Only now I am being told I have a trial version which expires in 26 days! What!?

So I dig out the box and enter the Registration code back in. That’ll fix it I thought. Only no go!

So I dig online further and find I am experiencing the same as this, only I can’t resolve the issue. So the next stage is contacting their support. They give me exactly the same codes and say either I am entering the code incorrectly (what!?) or it isn’t registered (er it has been for 6 months prior to this). Anyway, I jump through the hoops “like a good boy” and follow all their advice hoping to get to the next “level” of support. No dice!

I even made a movie showing them exactly what happens, the valid Windows registration entries in regedit, everything I can to help them (being as I work in IT support, so I’m not a complete newbie to these things). I tried reinstalling from scratch, disabling virus-killers just in case there was an issue – all the obvious. All resulting in a familiar picture:


Anyway I have just received an email where the person dealing with the support is offering absolutely nothing new except for now seemingly accusing me of having an unofficial or not-for-retail copy. To say I am fuming about this is perhaps an understatement. I’ve now spent over a day trying to sort this out. I’m still no closer to a satisfactory explanation let alone finding a solution for the ticking time-bomb (which ironically is what I’m now turning into)! I can only imagine the frustration a freelancer would feel if they had wasted a day chasing up after this.

My relationship with Cakewalk Sonar hasn’t always been smooth – but I have been generally happy with this particular version with its 64bit support and drag/drop window approach – a huge  improvement over my old buggy unstable copy of Sonar Home Studio 7 XL I had. But the support? Well, I really hope I can update with a more positive outcome soon, but if not – I will be shouting from the rooftops about Cakewalk and its support (they will also lose at least one genuine customer in the process). Ball in their court!

Meanwhile I’m now going to have some tea and a cold shower to cool myself down and apologies for the rant post!

2 responses to “Cakewalk Sonar X1 support frustrations

  1. It has some cons. Decade-old Windows dialogs remain behind the new UI. Needs a better limiter plug-in. Skylight UI really needs a 1080p screen to come into its own. Expanded effects and ProChannel UI improvements cost extra. Troublesome audio interface configuration. Still no Mac version.

    • Thanks for posting, I’ll update the current status of this soon. Personally I love the Skylight interface but I am using a 1080p screen, agree about the limiter. Guessing the only way to run X1 on a Mac would be via Bootcamp – although even trickier for a Windows user to run Logic. 🙂 Personally if I had the money right now I’d go for Protools, although it is frustrating that you have to waste one of your USB ports with an iLok dongle (that said it’s fairly common practice for many sound libraries also – eg. VSL and EWQL). Not a fan of iLok! What DAW are you using?

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