10×10 April

Despite some exciting talks planned over the next couple of months, April was  a rather subdued 10×10. Kicking off, I offered a completely impromptu test-screening for  a project I’ve worked on called Legacy (formerly Dad). The film isn’t an easy sell being as it deals with the topic of parental child-abuse. As I expected, the early cut shown played pretty much to silence – particularly at the end whilst people collect their thoughts.


The main purpose was to highlight any problems (and there were a number identified thanks to the audience). Happy to say that the final version which premiered earlier this week has since resolved some of these issues. I was also pleased that people seemed to appreciate the musical score for the film. I found this more emotionally challenging to create than anything in the editing process.

The main showcase for the evening was Zoe Broughton’s documentary Taking on Tarmageddon which covers the environmental consequences of the tar-sands in Canada. The film was a bit longer than standard 10×10 fare, but it was a captivating 50 minutes. You can watch it by clicking the following link:


This film is freely available and feel free to promote it further. One criticism you might level at the film is that it feels a little one-sided. However this isn’t through fault of the film-makers, every-time they tried to speak to a tar sand representative or Government official they were asked to stop filming. You could draw your own conclusions from this! The aerial shots give a dramatic look at how the beautiful Alberta countryside has been devastated as a result of the tar-sands. Having visited Alberta on a number of occasions, this is indeed very sad to see indeed.

By this point you might conclude that the recent 10×10 was a rather somber affair, but it ended on a fun note. Recently Film Oxford ran a stop motion animation course (there is another one running this weekend). It appears that many families have been getting a bit creative with the plastercine. Most of the films shown were only a few seconds long, the only one I can find online is this one:

The biggest star of the show was “Spider football”. This was simply a delight to behold – watching our eight-legged friend kicking the ball around rather competitively with himself.

The next 10×10 is scheduled to be held on Thursday 2nd May at 7pm. For further announcements you can visit the facebook page.


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