Cancer Hair and Eastern Edge

The next large-scale project on the horizon is called Cancer Hair (title subject to change). This is another collaboration with Gail Hackston (who will make her directorial debut).

Cancer Hair on FernyFilms

The project is best described as an “unromantic comedy”. What attracts me to the project is the fact it is much more uplifting and positive than the title might  suggest. Rarely do we see what happens after “the battle is won” and the survivor is attempting to return to normality (which is the point of Cancer Hair). All of this has resonance being as my own mother has been survived through both breast/cervical cancer in the past – she is a truly inspirational woman!

We are filming the story in Gail’s local borough Redbridge which lead us to apply to Eastern Edge – who fund short films. They have shortlisted us alongside five other projects. Only one project can win the award however. I’ve attended some training sessions which I found pretty inspirational for several reasons:

1. It was interesting meeting the other groups who are also competing for the fund. Although technically in competition, it’s always good to networking with other film-makers. There is usually plenty of fun banter.

2. The Eastern Edge guys themselves are hyper-enthusiastic!

3. It’s been great seeing people who have been awarded in the past and hear about their projects. These were Kate Sullivan for Walking tall, Mark Downes for Stop and Ida Akesson for Moments and The Holiday. I had already met Ida at the Guerilla Filmmaker’s Masterclass. All three were wonderful inspiration!

Tomorrow we go and pitch the project to a panel at Film London. Wish us luck, and I’ll keep you posted on how things played out in due course.

Meanwhile, if you are film-maker that lives in the Redbridge area – it is well worth considering putting in a future application with Eastern Edge.

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