Felt it was about time I composed a new track, so here we go! Hopefully got a strong soundtrack vibe still, but also has a few more electronic/grunge feeling elements which is my style at the moment (thanks to Spare Change editing). I tried to avoid a few of the usual glitch-style clichés with this, but that’s the kind of style I was going for.

As a side note, I’d like to thank Arsenic-poptarts for letting me use his excellent artwork as the cover for this on Soundcloud – it fits very nicely. Check him out, especially if you love eye artwork.

Cybertrace by Arsenic-poptarts

As a side note, I need to get the popularity of the Ferny Films Facebook page up, so if you could take a moment to “like” this page if you haven’t already – this would be massively appreciated. In return, you’ll get wind of the latest blog updates here, the occasional bit of banter and freebies. Cheers!

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