Credit where credit is due

I experienced a truly surreal moment last week. Whilst reading a Bond forum, I got wind of an Oscar “For your consideration” soundtrack which was doing the rounds for Thomas Newman’s Oscar nominated Skyfall score. The thing which piqued my curiosity was a couple of extra tracks which were not featured on the original soundtrack release. Naturally curious – I decided to try to check this out further, which led me to some less reputable web locations. I was very surprised to find on one of them contained a Thomas Newman demo tracks called East Meets West. Interesting!

On the one hand, it is extremely flattered that people might even consider my work in the same breath as an Oscar nominee (especially as the track itself was still a little rough around the edges – the brass definitely needed more oomph!). On the other hand, not only is this work free in the first place, I am not getting the credit I deserve.

Do we ever get the credit we deserve?

For the rough-cut of Spare Change I decided so many of the cast and crew were doing more than just their specified role it would be unfair to attribute them to just a specific role. We all mucked it, I appreciated all their efforts. Therefore I dropped roles altogether.

Spare Change Credits 1Spare Change Credits 2

This certainly isn’t the done thing in larger production circles. However I do wonder how much hard work is taken for granted as a result, and how many people get perhaps more credit than they actually deserve!

Meanwhile, I’d like to wish Thomas Newman (and the three other Skyfall nominees) all the best for tomorrow evening at the Oscar ceremony. Fingers crossed!


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