First time

Do you remember your first ever trip to the cinema?

For Your Eyes Only in 1981, my world changed. I became a Bond fan over-night, I still am to this day. It was a very special and overwhelming experience at the time. Skip 30 years or so, now I get to experience the whole thing again from a completely different perspective. Also overwhelming!

My eldest saw the advert for Wreck-it Ralph on TV and said “I want to watch that”. Naturally being a fan of cinema + retro-games myself (I even helped co-write a port of a cult retro-game back in the day with a mate of mine just for fun) – this wasn’t a hard sell.

(Video above: The Acorn version of Rick Dangerous – made just for fun and based on the Amiga version. Our remit was just to make it as close to that version as we could and better than the original PC version).

The film itself was superb, seemingly out Pixaring the past Pixar film. It had a charming little animation at the start (Paperman). The film itself did for video-games what The Incredibles did for Spy/Superheroes. So many references flew by – I probably missed half of them, they almost certainly went flying my eldest’s head. There were also weighty issues tackled which probably went unnoticed. But the truly magic thing was none of this mattered, my eldest was in captivated in awe. There were so many truly beautiful moments watching the little face light up, get sad, get scared, get excited, laugh. “Daddy, I want to watch it again” was perhaps the first comment. “I loved it” second. We stayed right until the very shots at the end of the credits which no-one else stayed for (this is cinema etiqutte for me – little one wasn’t phased about this at all).  When we left, all I was hearing was how “small” everything now seemed in the world outside.

Indeed. Today was an amazing day which I feel really honoured to have shared with my eldest. It also completely re-enforces why I do what I do!

Oh, and courtesy of the lovely Lalya Mirmalek posting it on Facebook – here is Paperman. Happy Valentine’s day!

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