Heavy themes

I finally finished my first run at the Legacy (formally Dad) score. And I can’t say I’m sorry to get to this stage. Something weird happened writing this score (which I’ve been doing on/off for the past week or so).

The film deals with a cheery subject (child abuse) – yes – I know! It does so in a sensitive manner – honest! The editing process generally came together rather quickly. We toned down the less glamorous elements to imply rather than show. Easy, no problems to speak of.

Next up came scoring. I thought it would be the exactly the same. It wasn’t! I set about things in my usual way – finding the palette (eg. instruments) and trying to establish a tone. I quickly discovered my tone would be a bit darker than my usual style, but all was still fine.

Then it came to a couple of the more difficult scenes in the film. This is where things took their toll. Firstly, my trusty old version of Sonar 7 kept crashing and the project got corrupted in the process. This put me in a great mood naturally. Thankfully I had a copy of Sonar X1 waiting in the wings (which I really should have installed a lot earlier). After installing, I needed to spend some time getting settings right and figuring out the new interface.


Eventually I was ready to tackle things again. It seems that by implying so much in the edit that the score had to carry a lot of the weight from the off-screen happenings/emotional states. This put me in a pretty dark place to be honest! Not good with Christmas just around the corner. It’s become an obsession to get the score finished so I can lighten up again! Thankfully I saved what little lighter material there was for the end. But I feel I’ve gone through hell and out the other side. Here is a sampler of the lightest piece of music in the whole film:

If I have a “musical style” (and I do) – then  this part easily showcases it the most. Perhaps more tellingly, I have since noticed that the ending chord is exactly the same orchestration I did for Phil Hind recently to help him out of a tight spot (musical rights and all that jazz!). I see this as my brain telling me you’ve now gone full circle – go back to what you were doing before you began scoring this project.

So now I need a holiday, a hug or something along those lines! Plus the need to write a more upbeat Christmas track – purely for therapeutic purposes!

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