The film-making network

Last week served as an important reminder that it is important to keep up with the networking. Sure you can do this on twitter or via one of the other social networking sites around. These are definitely useful for making connections, but there is no substitute for actually getting out there and doing this in person.

My first bit of networking brought about another photography job off the back of some of my earlier work (I’m sure I wanted to work in film-making, but hey this is all useful stuff and it pays).  Next I decided to meet up individually with some of the Spare Change crew members to see how they were getting on. This also brought about a few new opportunities. Exciting!

So as a film-maker, just a quick blog post to say – once you have finished reading this: consider just getting out there, chatting and making things happen! Meet people! All sorts of people! People watch films! Most people are therefore (initially at least) interested when you say you make films. Just because they aren’t film-makers or know nothing about, well this shouldn’t put you off! Maybe they are gate-keepers to another useful resource (financing, they may know others who can help, they may teach you things, they may own a mansion where you can film your next opus – who knows?!). Of course it doesn’t all just have to be about one topic (in this case film-making). I love meeting new people anyway.  If anyone reading this blog would like to get in contact and just chat a bit more, then I’d love to hear from you.

So let’s all take a moment to remember for that old film adage – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know also.

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