East meet West

Feeling inspired after watching SkyFall and listening to Thomas Newman’s new take on Bond music – I thought it only fitting to have a musical dabble over the weekend. Thought I’d have a go at attempting something a little bit Thomas Newman, a little bit old school John Barry and a little bit me. With hopefully more than a dash of spy/James Bond thrown in for good measure!

There are a couple of tiny timing issues and I also ran out of computer memory (I would have dearly loved to add additional power and made the brass/string articulations stronger). But hey, it has a zither which brings a big geeky smile to my face and this was created purely for fun! I’ve called the track the completely nonsensical/ambiguous title of East meet West. If you have any comments please leave them below or on Soundcloud (where I will upload any further tunes from now on). Hopefully that should encourage me to write a few more tracks. Enjoy!

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