Calming chaos

It’s now only a matter of days until we go out and actually film Spare Change. All the work so far has been to get us to this moment. And as most film-makers will tell you, we are now at that stage where things go a little bit mad.

Today’s good news is we have finally been given permission by the city council to film on the streets. This hasn’t been an uneventful milestone. The final hurdle was upgrading our existing £5,000,000 public liability insurance to £10,000,000 which has effectively doubled the film’s budget.

We still don’t know if we have quite enough lighting equipment for the locations. We most probably won’t find out until on location and shooting. This said I am going out this evening with the Director of Photography to do a few tests.

People have been dropping in and out of the production for various reasons at an alarming rate. Even now we are still looking for our makeup artist (any offers?).

So it’s all damage control and administration trying to work out if X or Y happens, then what is plan A, B, C, D…? For some reason I feel surprisingly calm getting my head around it all, along with the shot-lists, call-sheets and other logistics/documents required.

Maybe this is because something is finally happening and I’m excited. Maybe part of it is that I have kids and organising chaos/damage control is what I do on a daily basis. In any case, I can’t wait to give you an update on the production very soon!


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