Tony Scott (1944-2012)

Yesterday I woke up as many did to the shockingly sad news about Tony Scott. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones. I’m not here to speculate about the reasoning behind the events in San Pedro. I’m here to briefly talk about what Tony represented to me.

Tony was born into a family who seem to have a natural eye when it comes to directing films. Whereas his brother Ridley Scott is the more critically acclaimed and better known of the two, Tony is no less talented. Ridley lavishes great attention on his visuals and whilst Tony is no slouch in this department either, he also has a style all of his own. This style was generally sun-soaked/graded colours, noisy, flashy, full of energy/adrenaline. In basic terms, his films were never dull. I won’t deny sometimes I found myself “at odds” with this loud style, however when it worked – it worked fantastically! He is the more intelligent originator of the Bruckheimer/Michael Bay style which seems so prevalent in blockbusters today.

Top Gun will be the movie Tony is best remembered for. However for me, his golden era was between 1991-1995, where he gave us (what I consider to be his best movies): The Last Boy Scout, True Romance and Crimson Tide.  To have made those films is an amazing legacy to leave behind. I wish he were still around so I could add further movies to this list. Sadly this isn’t the case. RIP Tony, the film world has lost one of its wing-men!


One response to “Tony Scott (1944-2012)

  1. True Romance, what a film. Makes up for Top Gun 😉

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