T-Minus 24 hours

So there is under 24 hours to go until our Etiquette premiere/screening at BAFTA. Getting very exciting now, I’m sure the evening will just whistle-by at an alarming rate. I am also looking forward to seeing the other films which have been shortlisted for shortfuse@BAFTA 5. The full line-up (in order) is:


EtiquetteTrevor is preparing to learn the etiquette required to greet his partner Joanna’s guests. Unfortunately Trevor has a history of selecting an inappropriate form of greeting. Will he get the hang of it this time?

Written by Dan Collier
Directed by Andrew Carslaw
Produced by Sherilee Wedderburn

Principal Cast: Alex Babic, Natalie Hughes

Dogme Stride

Dogme StrideAnother dinner together, the same old routine. A husband and wife, stuck in a rut, no longer even able to communicate or even acknowledge each other. Things appear to have reached boiling point. Surely it’s only a matter of time before something has to give?…

Written, directed and produced by Genia Sophie Krassnig

Principal Cast:
Wife – Melissa Hartzel
Husband – Thomas Sidali


CucumberA woman prepares to enjoy an undisturbed lunch break on a park bench. Soon, she is joined by an unwelcome, brash, boastful and insensitive young man who appears to be trying to impress her…

Written, directed, produced by Edward Andrews

Principal Cast: Francesca Cherrault, William Nash

Unconditional 24/7
unconditionalCleo is on the phone, relating anecdotes from her recent social life. The more she shares, the more the picture builds of a self-absorbed and delusional woman, seeking attention, approval and social acceptance. Can she keep her grip on reality?…

Written, directed and produced by Jasminka Letzas

Principal Cast:
Cleo – Eva Gray


UnrememberedReverend Smith becomes intrigued by a pauper’s grave in the grounds of his new parish church in Hampstead. He encounters resistance and hostility from parishioners, other clergy and the local historian, in his attempts to unravel the truth behind the headstone. Desperate measures are called for, before the shocking truth is revealed…

Written and directed by Kelly Parslow
Produced by Scott Bingham

Principal Cast
Reverend Smith – David Manson

Sounds like quite a mix! Finally, a few bits and bobs:

  • Sadly it seems as if filming for Family Portrait is temporarily suspended for a bit longer due to unforeseen circumstances which of course I hope come to pass as soon as possible. I remain attached, but obviously no one can predict what will happen in the future.
  • Meanwhile the “Dad” project I am involved with keeps gathering pace. The shoot date is August. I will be editing and composing on this. However also been giving a few bits of advice behind the scenes. It will be the directing debut of Rhys Lewis who I met at last years the Guerilla’s Film-making master-class. It is being produced (and written) by Sean Langton who I’ve also been chatting to for some time behind the scenes. Really hope it works out with these lads and can’t wait to see what they can achieve!
  • If you wanted to listen to last weeks slightly tongue-in-cheek Radio Interview on HayesFM with the lovely Layla Mirmalek (or if you just want to hear me suffering through man-flu) – you can hear it here: http://www.fernyfilms.co.uk/hayesfm.htm – The interview was conducted by Becky Talbot and Mike Shephard – who were a joy to chat with. You can “stalk” them on Twitter under @BeckyTalbot1 and @MikeShephard respectively.
  • Speaking of Layla, I’ve now seen some of her amazing storyboards for Spare Change – which I can’t wait to share with you at a later point. They are just how I pictured things, I can’t wait to compare them against the final film to see how close they actually are! Wonderful work Layla!
  • Finally – if you haven’t seen it yet – I just want to show off some fantastic production design (headed presumably by Dennis Gassner) on the new Bond movie SkyFall thanks to the ForagingPhotographer and his excellent blog. It really makes you appreciate how much detail goes into things – and it’s fascinating to see the process go from nothing but a plywood frame, to looking absolutely convincing!

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